Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Caută fericirea in farfurie. (proverb evreiesc)


Children at Orthodox Jewish School
Original caption: Meah Sherim is a ghetto-like quarter of Jerusalem where time has stood still for more than a century. It is inhabited mainly by very pious Jews who live strictly according to the tenets of Jewish law.Over 300 years ago their forebears lived in Central Europe and adopted the quaint dress that the men still wear - fur-trimmed or stiff black hats, black caftans, knee-length hose. Their homes are filled with religious books and children.No radios, no television. The boys are sent to a Talmud Torah, a school of religious learning. Secular studies are almost non-existent.

Jewish Boy Studying
Original caption: Boy studying the Talmud, Piaseczna, Poland, ca. 1900.

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Orthodox Jewish boys study the Torah at the Yeshiva Kol Yaakov in Monsey, New York.

Rabbi Reading the Talmud
Original caption: Rabbi reading the Talmud. Undated photograph.

Orthodox Jewish Father Teaching Children