Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chanukah Party at the Chabad Pre School in Chişinău, Moldova

Chanukah Party at the Chabad Pre School

The Chabad Lubavitch pre-school center of Kishinev held one of the brightest and joyous Chanukah events this year. Titled “Chanuka candles” the kids together with their teachers demonstrated how merrily and fascinatingly one can celebrate Chanuka: they sang songs, played a game and ate delicious doughnuts.

Rabbi Mendi Zalmanov spoke about the history of the holiday, and Rabbi Rahamim Belinki lit Chanukah candles.

A unique Chanukah program took place at the Kishinev University for the Jewish and Israeli students. The program was let by Rabbi Belinki and Rabbi Zalmanov.

On the final day of the holiday a big festive concert organized by KEDEM crowned the Chanukah program. The concert gathered over 250 people including VIP guests, representatives of the mass-media and NGOs. The last candle was majestically lit by Rabbi Zalman Abelsky, chief Rabbi of Moldova and Kishinev and Moldova.

The program was enhanced by a special performance by invited Moldovan singer Ivan Kvasniuk and dancer Yuri Gorshkov.